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It states that if I accept, my phone number, contact list and. May 21, · This annoying " New Messaging features" pop up keeps appearing on the latest Samsung Galaxy line smartphones S6, S6 Edge, S7 and S7 Edge, after the latest Android Nougat update! It' s hard enough to keep them out of my shit, I don' t appreciate the annoying pop ups. Jan 18, · Today I started getting this request to enable Enhanced Features on my phone. Robert Ray has posted a possible solution to Google Plus that seems to be working for most users. It' s only weirdos that freak. Nice to see someone from Samsung trying to help - I posted the original question. Then when I click on update. It tells me it' s time to update Enhanced Features. Yea, they are " selling" the install of enhanced features. When I go into phone/ contacts a message bubble pops up that says " Update Enhanced features?

Since the last Android update, I started getting a random popup asking me to agree to terms for Enhanced Features. They just update and move on. Scroll down the list and look for ‘ Enhanced Features’.

I' ve had it for over a month now and haven' t installed anything new that I' m aware of. I don' t need Samsung owning all of that info. Jul 03, · When I open the pop- up message it looks just like a normal update message for any app and it says it is a Samsung app but Samsung tell me it is nothing to do with them and must be to do with Android. Enhanced features popup, again. 1 updated today and uploaded by Samsung. Jul 08, · Samsung Flip is becoming more powerful with new features.

Solved: Hi all, As of yesterday ( 3/ 5/ ) I started to get a pop up every 30 mins or so asking me to enable Enhanced Features. With a variety of firmware updates, Flip provides more optimized solutions for enterprise. You can follow the steps bellow to Disable enhanced Features popup on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge:. My wife got the same thing on hers but she accepted it and it went away. To Disable Enhanced Features Pop up on Samsung Galaxy S6 Pull down the menu from top and click on Gear to bring the Settings page Click on Applications under Device section Click on Application Manager Slide to the Running tab on the right.

I' ve declined it each time, don' t want what they' re offering to do, but it comes back about. ActionTriggerService started that feature. It appears to be coming from a Samsung app but I' m not sure which.

Search samung enhanced features on apkmirror to install the latest update from samsung. May 12, · How to Disable Enhanced Features Popup Galaxy S6. I have never seen anything about this before and can' t find it. This site uses cookies.

Similar to iMessage, one can use the stock Messages app to send their friends and family files, photos, and more without having to incur any texting charges. I don' t know what this Enhanced Features is, and I don' t want anything to do with it but it keeps on appearing and is very annoying. People who use it don' t even the update page. I have an annoying message that has recently started popping up on my Galaxy S7.

" " A new version of Enhanced features is available. Jul 04, · update enhanced features? Jun 30, · And just in case you are wondering what this Enhanced Features app is in the first place, it is an iMessage competitor from Samsung. Update enhanced features samsung. It gives me the options of. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Takes me to a different page with a Notification bubble that says " This app is no longer available for purchase or is not supported in this country or on this device. Message 13 of 26. Share your skills with the S Pen for the chance to have your work seen by Samsung users across the UK!

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