Oak island discovery update

I had recorded the first two seasons of the TV show, Curse of Oak Island, and watched episodes intently with excitement, but my damn PVR eventually. Oak island discovery update. Treasure has finally been found on The Curse of Oak Island — in the form of a brooch containing a 500- year- old faceted red gemstone. Roman Sword and shipwreck discovered off Oak Island will forever change history Researchers investigating Oak Island, one of the most mysterious areas to the south shore of Nova Scotia have made one of the most important historical discoveries of the century after finding a ceremonial sword and what is believed to be a Roman shipwreck which [.

There is a Facebook group now, Oak Island Official, where things are much more up to date. Oct 28, · Oak Island Update + Smiths Cove Solved? Discovery, and possible treasure, resting deep within this tree covered rock, we need to give out an update. With many wild theories surrounding it, did these two people just discover the missing piece.

November 18, update. Feb 21, · With running costs of over 4 million dollars, just for season 4, and to this date, a lack of profitable bounty being retrieved from the oak island jigsaw puzzle, a season 5 has remained unclear. Apr 16, · For over two centuries, historians and researchers have spent their entire lives trying to discover the supposed treasure that is buried in the depths of Oak Island. The breakthrough discovery was made on the penultimate.

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